Mitheirien (grey_gazania) wrote in little_details,

British regional stereotypes

Time/Place: Britain, 1990-ish to the present
Googled: "British stereotypes", "British regional stereotypes", "stereotypes in Britain", "Manchester stereotypes", "Crawley stereotypes", "West Sussex stereotypes", "Sussex stereotypes", "you know you're from Manchester when", "you know you're from Crawley when", "you know you're from Sussex when"; I also looked through the community's Britain tags.

I'm looking for for the sort of stereotypes modern-day British people would hold about people from other parts of Britain - analogous to the whole "New Yorkers are rude, Vermonters are all hippies, anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line is a hick/redneck" thing in the USA. Specifically, I'm looking for things about Manchester and Crawley, or West Sussex in general if there isn't much specific to Crawley. My google search did turn up some things - some stuff about Manchester on Yahoo Answers and a handful of Facebook groups, but the latter seem to be written by the people who inhabit the given area, which isn't what I'm looking for.

(Information about other regions is welcome as well, of course.)

Tags: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, uk (misc)

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