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Porn on TV in the US

Okay, this is probably a very silly question but it just suddenly occurred to me that I can't assume things work alike on the other side of the pond... and I don't exactly know how I'd go about researching this unless I start reading through TV guides.

So, can my character stumble on hardcore porn by accident while channel surfing?

Setting is now, most likely in New York, US.

Back home (in Europe) this is what would happen: cable movie channels show 'regular' movies by day and porn by night (both soft core and hard core - and yes, by hard core I mean genital close ups), so a person could accidentally end up seeing hard core porn during normal middle-of-the-night channel surfing session, even if they have only ever gotten the channels for the regular movies.

Could this happen to my character in NY? Or do I have to make do with a DVD her ex left in the player?

Thanks in advance! (Let me know if I forgot to add some relevant info...)

Edit: Wow, you guys are fast;) I added a little more detail.

Edit2: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWERS. I'll have to make a plot point about the existence of the porn channels, then.
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