Elliptic Eye (elliptic_eye) wrote in little_details,
Elliptic Eye

Immobilizing/controlling an opponent while face-to-face

I need to have a character check someone roughly his own size and build up against a wall, face-to-face. This character seems to have fairly extensive military/hand-to-hand training, but probably wouldn't be a devotee of any particular art form—his martial arts vocabulary is probably total pidgin. If he wanted to control his opponent in that position without any sort of choke or incapacitating them (or taking them to the ground), how might he do it?

I'm imagining him bracing his hips against his opponent to keep their own hips back against the wall so they can't get leverage, and then controlling their upper body… somehow. By twisting one of their arms behind their back, I suppose. Is that efficient or even sensical? I don't want to spend paragraphs describing this, of course, but the nature of the scene is such that I need a fairly high level of physical detail. Tips much appreciated.
Tags: ~martial arts
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