tir_synni (tir_synni) wrote in little_details,

Everyday Catholicism

All right, in my story, the main character is a lapsed Catholic trying to get back into it in his new hometown. It's in a West Virginia, USA town, relatively small population, and as I don't have much of a Catholic background, I was hoping for some details: What are the typical hours for a Catholic Church, like, access-wise? Are there typical hours for confession? How easy-access is the priest? How accepting would they be of a new person and how would he become a member of the church? Any details would be extremely helpful, particularly everyday details. Thanks for any help.

ETA: Wow! Thank you, everyone, so much for the help. It's definitely going to help my story. *^_____^*
Tags: usa: west virginia, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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