a beast in repose (klgaffney) wrote in little_details,
a beast in repose

street life, pstd, first hand experience drug resource posts.

a short list of firsthand experience resource posts on lj by writers for writers.

the first two may have been posted here already, but if not, here they are:

- Dear [not just urban fantasy] Author by kaigou deals with street life in general.

- A User's Guide to PTSD by rachelmanija

drug use:

- apiphile offers her experiences with ecstasy (there's additional input from others in edits and commentary)

- strangecreature shares about weed/marijuana

- jumpthesnark chats about meth.

and of course, there's always http://www.erowid.com/
Tags: #resources, ~homelessness, ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~recreational drugs

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