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Withdrawal from Multiple Drugs, Religious Hallucinations

You know the old lament, this guy was just supposed to be a minor, walk-on character.  And then he hijacked my story. 

Searches:  "withdrawal multiple drug methamphetamine alcohol duration symptoms hallucinations" in various combinations, erowid, wiki, and this comm's tags.  If there are better searches I could run, please, tell me.

My character could variously be considered an alcoholic or a meth addict, but he's not choosy.  He's the sort who would snort powdered mothballs if he thought it would get him high.  He has pot, meth, booze, jimson weed, and native (southern Appalachia) mushrooms all close to hand.  Heroin, cocaine, and all that other stuff is no more than an hour's drive away.  This fellow is in his twenties and has been doing meth long enough to destroy his teeth and age him at least a decade.  Near future setting.

What I want is, firstly, for him to go from seeing/feeling cockroaches to having religious visions, after a severe emotional shock and a religious trigger.  Is that doable?  Secondly, I need him to go cold turkey (with no medical supervision) and be able to ride in a car and slump/stand in the background looking menacing within two days.  Is that even in the realm of possibility?  He also needs to shoot someone to death--would he likely be shaking so much he'd waste a lot of bullets?  The story would allow me to cut him off from everything but booze up to a week earlier if I have to, but he'd probably try to find something to compensate ("something" likely being pot and native plants/mushrooms)--what would happen then when he goes cold turkey (provided he hasn't given himself lethal liver damage)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Edit:  For any researching authors of the future, an addiction to more than one substance is called "polysubstance dependence" in the DSM.
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~recreational drugs

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