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Building log cabins in the Oregon Trail era (1840s)

Hi there folks!

I'm writing a fic that takes place in 1847, about pioneers moving west on the Oregon Trail. I've had tons of luck with google so far while fleshing out the story, but I've finally hit a block.

I basically just want to know how long it takes to build a plain, single-room log cabin. My characters arrive in Oregon in late October and I was planning on having the cabin be finished in time for Christmas. There are three adults who can work on it full time, and one who starts helping sometime in late November. Is two months a reasonable time frame, or would it take much longer? Also, if they can't build a log cabin in that period of time, where would they live until it was finished? (I'm assuming in the wagon.)

Terms searched on google: log cabins in oregon, log cabin building, log cabin, oregon trail life, westward expansion, pioneer life, pioneer homes, a few other combinations that I've forgotten... I've made heavy use of the 'Log Cabin' and 'Oregon Trail' articles on Wikipedia but they don't seem to include this information.

EDIT: Thank you all so much! This has been enormously helpful.
Tags: 1840-1849, usa: history (misc), usa: oregon, ~wilderness survival

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