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Prisoner Chained in Tudor period

My character is chained in a dungeon (stone walls and floor) in the Tudor period. he has shackles on his wrists, ankles and a collar and is chained to the wall at all five points. Currently I have the attachments embedded in the wall as cast iron and the shackles and chains wrought iron.

However a friend comes to rescue him. Said friend works with the blacksmith and is a massively strong man and has access to tools. A few hammer blows releases the prisoner from the wall, but he is still in chains. A hammer and chisel against the stone could break the chains from the shackles.

My problem is then to get him out of the shackles and in particular the collar. My questions are:

How likely is it that a hammer and chisel could be used to break the shackles and collar?
Would my prisoner be likely to suffer damage from this act? (obviously I don't want him to die or be permanently disabled, but if he is hurt that is not a problem
How trusting must he be of his friend, particularly with the removal of the collar?
Is there another way and how long would it take?

There is no fear of being disturbed - no guards on the doors as the prisoner is not known to be there - and another friend is keeping the lord occupied, but they must work quickly.

I have googled for images and descriptions of shackles of the time, with very little luck

Thanks in advance.
Tags: 1500-1599, ~torture
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