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Help with French

Setting: Paris modern day
The situation: One of my main characters lets call him A works in a museum in Paris, he meets two of the other characters, B and C when he find them poking around in a private storage area. B and C are actually American and A is (pretendiing to be) British (but having lived and worked in Paris for years is fluent with a flawless accent) so most of the conversation will (fortunately for my peace of mind)  eventually be in English What I need is a French translation of the start of the conversation, I want A to say something like "Can I help you? You do realise the tourist area is back that way?" Not too impolite as they are customers but just a little acerbic as they are blatantly trespassing. B will then say something in a broken mix of French and English (which I can manage fine because I want it hisFrench to be about my level) and then C (who is practically fluent) says "Yes, sorry. We have an appointment with the director." After which I can thankfully switch them back to English.

Babel fish tells me the translations would be: "Est-ce que je peux vous aider ? Vous réalisez que le secteur de touristes est de retour de cette façon"
and "Oui, désolé. Nous avons un rendez-vous avec le directeur" but of course it is notorious for it's strange grammar and I'm not sure whether these would be phrases you would use in this situation. *sighs* I did do French in school but it was so long ago and I was always so bad at it.
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