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Trees in central France

Setting: Several centuries into the future, central France. Climate a little hotter and dryer than now, but not considerably so.

Question: I've got a sort of... manor house with expansive (and expensive) gardens. I'm trying to pluck some names in particular for the sort of plants that might be considered fairly exotic or interesting but could still grow outdoors in this area. Money and care are no object, so it's a case of the hardiness of the plant.

I think I've turned up a couple of possibilities on the tree front - Red Snakebark Maple, Dove Tree and Malus sieversii, but the last is a fruit tree so possibly not what I'm looking for. However, I keep running into French so I can't do very much better off the top of my head. I've also come across something called the "Remarkable Gardens" which I'm trying to churn up more information on, but I'm struggling to discover which of the plants or displays are actually considered the most impressive/unusual.

Searches: Combinations of 'France', 'native species', 'trees', 'plants', 'ornamental plants', 'gardens'. I've also tried going through some garden centre and arboretum websites, but my French really isn't up to the job any more. Oh, and I tried looking by 'rare species' first, but that just got me chasing my own tail.

Tags: france (misc), ~plants

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