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The Ashes and cricket in Wales

I have a few questions about cricket...

1.  When would the tickets for the Ashes test in Cardiff have gone on sale?  I saw that for the Lord's Test, the 'general public ballots' were held in January, is this the same thing as tickets just going on sale and is this a pretty standard time-frame?  Also, if an influential person wanted to get seats fairly soon before Test matches, would it be plausible for there to still be some seats available?
And would people typically try to buy tickets for all, a few, or just one of the days?

2.  What sorts of foods do they sell at Stadiums in Wales?  And what is with these references to players taking tea that I've seen around but haven't been able to find much more about?

3.  What would someone with a working-class background (he's mid-twenties and Welsh, if that makes any difference) consider to be the elite or high-class sport?  In North America, I know the perception tends to be that cricket is a very prestigious British sport, that Lords and the wealthy would play or watch, while football and rugby are the more 'common' sports, that most people would be a fan of, but I'm not sure how accurate this is.  So if he's trying to craft an image of himself as intelligent and more upper-class, would cricket be a good sport for him to choose to be a fan of, or would something else be more likely (possibly tennis?)?

Also, does anyone know of a website I could use to find historical data for weather on specific days in British cities? (Why yes, I pay anal attention to detail)

Things I have searched:  the ashes+tickets/ticket sales/spectators, various things about sport in Wales/Britain, cricket+tea, various reading about cricket game-play
Tags: uk: food and drink, uk: wales (misc), ~sports (misc)

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