Kassie (kassie_opia) wrote in little_details,

Effect of broken fingers on piano playing skills

So I have an otherwise healthy 19-year-old male character who is tortured by a particularly sadistic antagonist, in the course of which some of his fingers are broken. He is taken to hospital about twelve hours after this, also suffering from severe burns, and for the purpose of this inquiry I think we can assume medical technology is equivalent to modern-day Britain.

I'm assuming he's going to end up with a cast on the injured hand (his right hand is unharmed, solely because I need him to fire a gun a little later in the story), what I need to know is:

a) how long the cast would stay on for? I can waive this a bit if necessary, since he's a vampire with slightly accelerated healing, but an approximate timespan would be nice.

b) what would be the effect in the long term on his career as a pianist? I'm going to have him stop playing anyway for various psychological reasons, but if there's any way there'll be a physical cause as well, that would be good.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~music
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