robert_huff (robert_huff) wrote in little_details,

Hungarian universities

When: early 1980s

Where: Hungary

Searched: Wikipedia ("") and links from there, including
                              various institutions home pages.

         It's 1981-ish and I'm teenage Hungarian, fresh out of gymnasium with above-average grades and well-above-average test scores.  Where do I go to get (the closest equivalent of) a college liberal arts education?
        Of the places I've looked into, all either a) were founded after 1990, or b) specialize in a particular discipline (medicine, law, management/business, performing arts, etc.).
        I understand Hungary's a small country ( roughly ten million), so there won't be the number of institutions available in western Europe, much less the United States.  But it's hard to believe there wasn't someplace that trained the mathematicians and engineers and schoolteachers.
Tags: 1980-1989, hungary (misc)
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