The Checkered Wonder (kaiamara) wrote in little_details,
The Checkered Wonder

Aboriginal Seating

When/setting: Sometime in the 1500s when Canada is still a French colony (as in there's no Britons around).

The Native in my story lives in a hut (built by his French companion) but the Frenchman is annoyed that there's only the one chair that he himself brought over. Did the Natives sit on furs or the floor mainly?

I've looked but I'm having major difficulties in finding this. I searched up 'use of furs in Native Canada', 'inside Canadian aboriginal homes', 'Aboriginal Canadian furniture/seats'. Most of the websites I found were mainly about fur-traders, the outside and style of the homes, which homes belonged to which tribes.

It would be best if these answers were about the Natives who lived in Ontario or Quebec but if no one has them then anywhere else (in Canada) would be fine. My character's a little strange like that.
Tags: 1500-1599, canada: history, ~native americans
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