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Two Questions: 1906 SF Quake and Clipper Ships

I have a couple of questions that are unrelated but I'm putting them together rather than separate.

1) 1906 SF earthquake/fire: I know a lot of the old photos taken immediately after the quake/fire were 'changed' to show less damage, in order to encourage building and (presumably) get grants from the government to help as well. Recently I have heard how computer program(s) have stripped the 'changed' parts of the old photos to show the actual damage but I can't find any specific references to it.

Can anyone help? I have tried to find this but I get way too many hits and I can't seem to narrow it any better.

2) Does anyone know how to calculate the cost of rebuilding a clipper ship today to its original specs? Also, are there any modern shipbuilders who could do the work? I'm assuming there are and if so, I'd like to know the names. I have a character who says "To rebuild the 'Flying Cloud' you'd have to go to (name of firm); it would cost (X amount of dollars) and (X amount) to pay a crew."

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1900-1909, usa: california, usa: history (misc), ~boats and other things that float, ~catastrophes, ~earthquakes
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