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A guide to US vs. UK (but not Scottish) public school systems.

Hola! I was directed here from fanficrants. This pertains to the differences between public US schools and public UK schools (except for Scotland, who are, by admission, awkward bastards). Here's the entry. I'd suggest reading the comments there, to see if there's something you're thinking of that's already been mentioned. I'm tired of editing this thing. :D

Because my friend, Shmellington, and I just figured this out, and I graphed it and we are genii. I hope this helps with UK/US education conversions. ^_^ You also might need to resize your screen to see the graph correctly; sorry in advance for any confusion!

Please note: Unless something major crops up, I think I'm done editing this post, except, maybe, to streamline it more. I'm just copypastaing the comments, anyway. So if you see something that doesn't hold true in your area, please note that there are many regional differences, and be sure to read through the comments. ^_^

ALSO! This discusses the US public school system vs. the UK state school system; US public schools are free, non-tuition schools and are the equivalent to UK state schools. This concentrates mostly on English schools; as readers have noted, Scotland/Ireland/Wales have different approaches. There are many regional differences in both countries. I'm not saying that this is the be-all, end-all of school system information, and I've left plenty of stuff out, such as different tests that are taken, etc. I wanted this to mainly be a guide for matching up the school years; please read the comments, preferably on both communities, before adding your own --- what you have to say may already have been said. ^_^

For everyone confused as to the differences between the UK and US school systems, I present this handy graph for your perusal:Collapse )

Public school systems in the US:Collapse )

School systems in the UK:Collapse )

And there you have it! Feel free to correct me and link to/post this anywhere you please. More love if I'm credited. ^_^

Please note: I live in California, I'm almost 25, and I've been out of school for 7 years. Things may have changed, and laws are different everywhere. If things are different in your state/county, please be nice about letting me know. Don't be mean, FFR, I have a rolled-up newspaper and I know how to use it. <3

Edit @ 6:26: I think it's formatted correctly, now. I may mess with it more. Off to read comments.

Further edits: I'm editing this as I get replies; please read the comments and see if your point has already been . . . pointed out . . . and then wait a minute or so for me to catch up, please! Thank you to everyone who's commenting!
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