Wholahay Brown (raykat) wrote in little_details,
Wholahay Brown

Death via blood loss

So, I have a character who just had a lower leg severed slightly below the knee and an arm severed slightly below elbow. What is a realistic length of time it might take a person to bleed to death (and before that, enter hypovolemic shock and lose consciousness) in this situation if nothing is done to stop the bleeding?

The character is enraged and not thinking rationally enough to try any real treatment for her injuries. She had already recently received a gunshot to the face (the bullet passed through one cheek and out the other) maybe within twenty minutes before the amputations and the only intervention those wounds received were some loose bandages hastily wrapped around the face.

The amputations happened quick and with clean cuts. The character is currently face down on the ground, but would try to remain awake as long as possible and struggle to move. The character is female, mid-20s, physically fit, maybe around 5'11. The setting, if relevant, is outdoors, London, early May.

Terms I've googled are combinations of: bleeding, blood loss, bleed to death, loss of limbs, traumatic amputation, severed arteries, and hypovelemic shock.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds
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