Nyssa (igbc) wrote in little_details,

Upwardly mobile car from early '70s

Hi all. I need some info regarding early 1970's cars. My characters are a married couple who are far from rich, but the wife likes to give the appearance of having more money than they actually do. In an effort to keep up with the Joneses, she talks her husband into buying a nice car that they can't really afford. My question is, what kind of car might it be? I don't want a sports or muscle type car that might appeal more to men, but a car that a young woman of the time would consider classy, if that makes sense. It can't be tremendously expensive, like a Rolls or something. It should just be a car that says "We're respectable, we're doing well." I've googled "nice cars, early '70s," "classic '70s cars" (which got me mostly muscle cars), "upscale early '70s cars," and a couple of variations on this, but not with very good results.

I'd appreciate any help!

ETA: Thanks to everyone! I think I'm going with a Caddy, either Eldorado or Seville. I appreciate the suggestions!
Tags: 1970-1979, ~cars
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