tahinaz (tahinaz) wrote in little_details,

Correct term for a grand old house?

There's a huge, Victorian-era house in my story. It sits on several acres in coastal Maine. I've always wanted to call it a 'manor,' as it has a grand, formal sound to it. However, upon checking the dictionary, it looks like 'manor' refers to the main house of a tenanted estate. But there are no tenant houses attached to this property; just the one, big house.

My question is, would it still be ok to call it a 'manor,' or should I call it something else? What would people in that time and area call a house like that?

Yes, I know it would technically be a mansion, but if a person were to look the house up in a history book, what would its name be? The (insert last name of owners) Mansion? That doesn't quite sound right...
Tags: usa: maine, ~architecture, ~victorian era
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