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Foster child's rights after parent arrested for murder of other parent

Phew, that's a hell of a subject title.

My question, more specifically, relates to the rights of a child to know about the crime and such. In this example, the child was 4 years old when they witnessed the aftermath of the father murdering the mother (they don't see it actually happen). The child then goes into foster care due to no other legal guardians being available.

1) How much about the crime and the father's imprisonment does the child have the right to know about? Do they have to be a certain age before they can request documentation about it? (Such as crime scene photography, arrest reports, trial records, sentencing, etc). Is it even possible for a person to get this information on request, whether or not they are related?

2) Would the child be kept in the loop about the father's circumstances (for instance, if he was transferred to another prison, or if he was seriously injured/sick, or if he escaped)?

3) Is the father allowed visitations, or does he lose that right (and can the child choose whether or not they want to go? Do they have to be a certain age to decide?) Also, would the father be kept in the loop about where the child is living and their general foster care arrangements, or does the father lose those rights? Or is that up to the child to decide? If so, which age does it become their choice, and which age is it the government's choice?

I realise that's a lot of little questions about the same thing, so any information at all (or sources of information) would be greatly appreciated.

Setting: Illinois, USA

Searched: All sorts of strings involving foster care, foster children, prison, incarceration, etc
Tags: usa: government: prison, usa: illinois, ~custody & social services

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