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Several small questions...

Okay, I have several small questions for some research I'm doing for future chapters of a story I'm working on. I sure similar questions have been asked in the past, so I appologize for bringing it up again, but...

1) I have a character who's totally nuts. Absolutly freaking insane in the membrain kinda of crazy. She's psychically sensitive, and living in a magic/science fusion which is set in the near future. Now, she'd probably been put on some kind of mood levelers to surpress her violent tendancies, and I was wondering where would be a good place to research that sort of thing. Also, would it be feasible if, after she escaped, she used some form of drug to surpress her _non_ violent tendancies? Is there a form of so called recreational drug that depresses moral concience? Is there a good site to research the probable effect and ways she could gain access to such drugs?

2) I also have a male character who suffers a non-consentual sexual encounter with a someone who he _thinks_ is a woman he trusted. Where would I go to find out what some of the realistic side effect of that would be, both psychologically, and on his relationship with his wife, who looks just like his attacker, afterwards? Do men have a different range of reactions to rape than women do? Do they face different problems with recovery afterwards?

3) Does anyone know of a good place to research Japanese legal code as it pertains to violent crimes committed by minors? I know it's a rising problem in Japan, and that there used to be a general tendancy to hold the parents responsible for their children's actions, is that still the case? Does anyone know what kind of sentance or evaluation such a child would face?

Sorry if any of these are repeat questions, any pointers of good sites would be most welcome.

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