Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in little_details,
Ansela Jonla

Japanese names for a child

Where: a society kind of like Edo-era Japan, but with links to modern Japan.
When: 1980s

One of my characters, Y, is adopting a kid as a little brother (read: the kid follows Y home and he doesn't mind as long as he doesn't have to be called 'dad') who can't remember his name. Y has no problem with the child taking his family name, but he doesn't want to keep calling him 'kid' or 'boy' constantly (to do so isn't beautiful), so Y needs to think of a name for him.

To this end, I need a boy's name that isn't too archaic or too modern. Preferably it would have either the kanji for three, a number that Y thinks is beautiful, in it or a kanji that means strength, or something similar, since Y equates beauty with strength. The shorter the better, to make it easier for Y's friends to remember it, especially K who forgets names easily and so gives embarrassing nicknames to people, and so it's easier to yell across a battlefield for when the child inevitably tries to become like his 'big brother'.

searched: 'japanese names' 'kanji' 'meanings', in various combinations. baby name sites, that only seem to give meanings but no kanji.
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names

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