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Transferring to a new high school

Okay, I'm back, with a related question to my last one. Last post, I asked about jobs that would make a family move around. Now, I'm wondering about what happens when a student transfers to a new high school.

I really want personal experience of the first day etc. I don't care too much about the paperwork, unless it really plays a big role. The only thing I know about transferring is from popular culture, and I want to make sure I'm realistic.

My biggest question is, is it likely for a new student to meet with someone, the principal, guidance counselor, whoever, on or before their first day? Or, are they just thrown into the mix with hardly anything? I want to have my character meet with someone, but I don't know if that's normally done. Also, how is the first day handled? Anything special? If it makes a difference, my character's coming in halfway through the school year, perhaps right after winter break.

This takes place somewhere in modern-day America in a public school. I know every district is different, but I need some type of guide.

I tried searching, but all I got was the paperwork stuff. No personal experiences.


Edit: If it matters, I haven't really decided on the size of the school. Probably a smaller-medium size, it could be more personal?
Tags: usa: education: high school

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