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Gunshot to thigh and recovery

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Setting: Unites States, 2006

My character is a Caucasian, otherwise healthy female, approximately 40 years old. I need her to be shot in the thigh, either from the side or from the back. She's shot in a hospital, and receives prompt surgery and treatment.

I need her to be in physiotherapy for at least the minimal amount of time after she's discharged from hospital.

1. Assuming the bullet doesn't hit bone or an important nerve that could impair use of the leg in the long term, how long would she be in hospital after surgery?

2. Would she need a wheelchair in the first stage(s) of recovery? For how long?

3. Would she be able to go straight into physiotherapy? Could she regain full use of her leg in a matter of a couple of months?

Ideally, I would like her to be in a wheelchair for no more than 2 weeks, to suffer some chronic pain for 7-8 weeks and to regain full use of her leg by the end of 12 weeks. Is this realistic? Adjustments to this timeline are welcome.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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