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Forensic Accounting and the Japanese Police

I've lurked for awhile, but this is my first time asking a question, so here goes =)!

Search Terms: I've looked through relevant tags and searched "forensic accountants in Japan", "Japanese fraud squad", "Japanese police dress code", and pretty much every variation thereof =/. I've learned a bit about the profession, at least in North America and Britain, and I assume it's much the same, though if you know of any major differences, please let me know!

Setting: Tokyo, Japan, circa 2003

Fandom: Sailormoon. It's probably not relevant, but the roleplay takes place several years after the series ends. The character in question is Rei Hino (aka Sailor Mars).

Context: I don't need to know that many specifics (i.e. it doesn't matter if they use different terms in Japan than in the States), but I'd like to be able to refer to and describe her (professional) situation with relative ease, as it's pretty important.  Rei started as a forensic accountant with the Japanese police as soon as she graduated; she's only been working for a year or so, but she's distinguished herself through hard work and natural aptitude, so a) what kind of responsibilities could she expect to have? b) Approximately how many people would work in the office with her? How would their workspaces be separated from one another (cubicles, desks, etc.)? c) How many hours would she work? d) What would the dress code be (formal business attire, business casual, uniform, etc.)?  In Death Note, the task force wore suits, buuut that's not a great reference for a whole host of reasons, =/ and I don't feel I can use North American shows to help. e) What kind of struggles, if any, is she likely to face as a woman in a male-dominated environment/profession? What difference, if any, is it likely to make that her father is a well-respected politician*? I've read that sexism is/can be a pretty big problem (in certain careers or once women reach certain positions, so...).

*Just as a note, Rei doesn't trust her father, so she wouldn't name-drop or try to use the connection to her advantage in any way, but she'd probably acknowledge it if asked directly.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance! I know most of it's probably quite obscure, buuuut I'm particularly interested in the answers to c, d, and e (especially 'e', 'cause that's a huuuge issue for her character), as I feel a little more comfortable fudging the rest :3.

Tags: japan: government: law enforcement, ~economics (misc)

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