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Germany in general, Heidelberg in particular

Time: Slightly after present times - nothing much has changed with the possible exception of the world continuing to get more violent, as it has been doing.
Place: Heidelberg, Germany, and the surrounding area
Google-Fu: A whole heck of a lot of stuff on Germany in general
average temperature in heidelberg
average weather in heidelberg
living in heidelberg
moving to hidelberg
Much google-images for some kind of rough feel of the landscape
Wikipedia: Heidelberg

My problem is this - I'm trying to find... just... information on Germany and most of what I can find are tourist itineraries/things you must see or help on buying houses/renting apartments. Neither is really what I need. I have found some basic city information that is helpful, but I need a bit more - and the problem is that all of this is for your ordinary people. The characters in this story are very well off and so I don't need to know quite so much about the best way to get around on your bike - the main character will be spending most of his time at home, which is basically a mansion. So just. Like. Information. What would you have for breakfast, climate and how often it rains, is it completely improbably for my characters to HAVE a very large and very old house off a bit from city limits? Is most of the castle closed off or can people get close to it, is there a official system for homeschooling? Um. Things.

IF IT HELPS ANY this is a fanfic for the Ace Attorney fandom and is when Miles gets taken in by von Karma; I chose Heidelberg because it's big but not huge and is fairly close to Frankfurt also it seemed to fit better than some of the other cities I tried looking at. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about - the main character is nine, he was just adopted and moved to Germany from LA. The family he's moving in with clearly has money and clearly he's not stuck in the public school system - he becomes a prosecuting attorney at the age of 20, his adoptive sister becomes one at the age of 13.

I'm sorry for being so vague; what I really need is backdrop information - what rooms would look like, if the furniture would be different, just... how would things be? Thank you in advance for anything you can get me.
Tags: germany (misc), germany: education (misc), germany: food and drink, ~climate/weather
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