nihilistpoet (nihilistpoet) wrote in little_details,

My BDSM fiction, I need help!

 What I've got:  
I'm beginning this fictional tale about a dominatrix who owns many slaves and one of the new female slaves wants to learn about love. So she asks her mistress and undergoes training, as the mistress teaches her a dysfunctional version of what love is. The slave will end up learning on her own by purposely falling in love with the mistress (infatuation), and then accidentally falling in love with someone forbidden, and it's a true love. This story will be raunchy and torturous, with ribbons of elegance and romance through it, and I want it to be a great tale of self discovery. I'm also making comic book illustrations to it.

What I need!:
I need to know all about the mindset of a dominatrix, and all about how a slave may undergo training. I need to learn about the lifestyle and I'm also studying up on some psychology and philosophy. If you know of any material, website, or have insight yourself, please help me. I think this project could be really great!

Thank you all.
Tags: ~sex
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