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Injuries from stoning

Setting: Fairly generic medieval fantasy

Situation: There's a big crowd gathered, and... long story short, it turns very nasty. I'm intending for the two women that are the focus of this whole mess to end up being stoned by the crowd - the area where everyone's gathered is covered in seashore-style stones of the sort that fit in the hand nicely and are rounded. They were standing on a sort of raised area in front of the crowd but were fairly surrounded, and are going to escape through the one fairly clear route out rather than be rescued or anything.

One of the women is a werewolf and was wearing so very heavily embroidered (and starched and metal-plated and whatever) robes that I'm not going to have to really deal with that. However, the other is an ordinary human, dressed in light clothing, and though she isn't the original target of the crowd she's going to be the one who gets injured.

Question: What injuries are likely to be the result? Obviously, it's the second woman that I'm talking about. Bruises and some cuts I can see easily, but are we talking broken bones? Where are the injuries most likely to be concentrated, presuming that she's able to move freely enough to cover her head (instinctively)? If the werewolf steps in and tries to protect the human a bit as they're escaping, could that really have any shielding effect?

Also, how much worse are things likely to get with several hours hard riding? There's going to be someone to hold her on the horse, but they really can't get a healer from the town as... well, for things to go this badly wrong you can bet they've pissed off the entire community. Magic in this world means that as long as this isn't likely to be fatal in that time then I can work with it, but it suddenly occured that the travelling part might not be very smart.

"stoning", "stoning to death", "death by stoning" - got me a lot of religious arguments, so I gave up after a couple of pages
"injuries stoning" - kidney stones, mostly
"lapidation" - couldn't find anything useful
"injuries lapidation" - as above

I have also read "Birds Without Wings" by Louis Berniere, and remember there was a stoning scene in that, but I can't get hold of a copy of it right now and I think there were other injuries involved as well - the character was getting hit and kicked? The characters in this scene aren't going to get closed on that quickly.

I'd also rather not have any videos, if that's possible... I know there are some out there, but I've been trying to avoid them. Sorry if that makes life difficult.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: injuries: historical, ~middle ages

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