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Historical gun help.

I'm not very gun-savvy, but yet again I find myself writing gun-wielding characters! I can find info on guns and when they were made and so on, but I'm feeling completely uncertain with this story so I have come seeking the wisdom of the internet.

Where: USA, Midwest, a family farm
When: mid-1920's-ish, I don't plan on stating an exact date or year, I'm more going for a sense of an era
Searched (awhile ago, to be honest): all manner of variations and combinations of the time period, locale, and guns that I could think of. Turned up nothing helpful.

Question: So, what guns are likely to be found on a family farm in the 1920's? They are not a particularly prosperous farm, but they own the land and while far from wealthy, would not consider themselves poor though the farm surpluses issue of the 1920's has just begun to seriously impact them. The MC, a fifteen year old girl is going to run away from home and take at least one gun with her for protection/hunting purposes. (Also: There's going to be undead about and I'd like her to be prepared with something that could take out/disable a zombie, but if it is unlikely I can work around that)

If you need more info, I'll be happy to provide it. Thank you.
Tags: 1920-1929, usa: history (misc), ~weapons: firearms, ~zombies

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