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Paleolithic Human Remains

TIME: Upper Paleolithic, preferably Solutrean or Magdalenian
PLACE: France/Spain, mostly in the Aquitaine region
GOOGLE-FOO: paleolithic skeletal/human remains, paleolithic skeletal abnormalities, solutrean skeletal/human remains, archaeological remains-all I seem to kick up is news articles on Homo floresiensis and white supremacist creepers.

I'm looking for instances of Homo sapien skeletal remains that show evidence of birth defects and illness that have survived, if not into adulthood than at least a few years. Not necessarily an otherwise healthy adult who gets, say, a tooth infection, but the sort of infant that would probably be considered a burden for a highly mobile hunter/gatherer people. I don't really need a specific disorder or illness, just proof that such a child would (or would not) survive for any length of time.

I'm almost dead positive they're out there, but I'm using the wrong words-suggestions there would be awesomesauce too. <3
Tags: 0 ce and before, europe: history, ~archaeology, ~medicine: historical

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