Naraht (emily_shore) wrote in little_details,

Homosexuality and Catholicism in 1950s England

Setting: North-West England
Period: Late 1950s

A devoutly Catholic lower-middle-class family have just discovered that their son (aged twenty-two) is involved in a homosexual relationship with a much older man. He is unrepentant about it and as he's already moved out of the family home, there's very little they can do about it. In the end they wind up cutting off ties with him completely.

What I want to know is what they would ask of him before they give him up as a lost cause. Obviously they want him to break it off. Presumably they want him to go to confession. What else? Do they tell him to talk to a priest outside of the confessional? Do they think of it as a psychological as well as a religious problem? Do they tell him to pray, or that they'll be praying for him? Do they ask their priest to go and talk to him? What else?

Any details of how they might react or recommended reading would be very much appreciated.
Tags: 1950-1959, uk: history (misc), ~homosexuality: history, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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