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teaching a newly sighted person to read

Setting : current day, New York.

Character is blind; has been since about the age of two or so (measles, parents didn't believe in vaccination). At about 21, she gets superpowers, a side-effect of which gives her what's essentially black-and-white vision.

What I need to know is how long it would take her to learn to read normal text, and whether her already knowing braille would hinder this.

I've searched on adult literacy programs, and came across an article about a literacy program in India that was teaching adults to read a newspaper within 10 weeks using a computer program that teaches by treating words as pictures, and that said that after that, people start instinctually self-teaching the individual letters, the same as very small children do.

I also searched on braille and blind literacy, which got me how people are taught braille. And then read stuff on people who'd regained their sight through surgery, and how they'd adapted to having sight again. However, said people could already read before losing their sight the first time, and spoke of it as being more like being reminded.

So would there be any difference to the time it takes her to learn to read? And how much difficulty would she have in distinguishing different fonts?
Tags: ~blindness, ~child development (misc), ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry
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