broken_anchor (broken_anchor) wrote in little_details,

Hotels in the U.K. (London specifically)

The setting is London, but not in any particular area. (Though near a gay club/bar.)

1) I am wondering if there are any pay-by-the-hour hotels. I know there are some cheap hotels and youth hostels, and I've been able to find their rates on the web with google. I just wasn't sure if there were any of the pay by hour since I couldn't find them on google. I did attempt to find ones in the USA (where I know there are some) and didn't really find listings just forum discussions. Also I didn't find any discussion about hotels like that in London or the UK, but I don't know if that means they aren't there.

2) The pictures of even the cheap hotels look nice on the web, so what would a hotel in a seedy area of London look like? Would it still be well-kept? And if not, how noticeable would it be?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: for spelling *facepalm*
Tags: uk: london, ~travel: hotels motels & hostels

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