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Coma recovery + amnesia + therapy / quick-acting (or hide-able) fatal disease (in Japan)

All questions take place in Japan, most likely around Tokyo. The time frame is in the near future, except for one question which I'll specify when it comes up.

Google search terms: "coma recovery" "amnesia" "art therapy", as well as looking through tags on this community.

1. I have a character, A., who's woken up recently from a coma that lasted about six months. What sort of follow-up appointments would she be required to have once she gets out of the hospital, and how frequently? If it's relevant, her father was abusive (though that's not the cause of her coma), and she's now going to school again thanks to someone else putting up the money for her. In addition, what sort of psychotherapy would she be getting? I'm thinking that art therapy might be appropriate, since she's fairly good at drawing. Would that be available to her in this place and time?

2. A. has some memory loss as a result of things that happened to her mind during the coma (her mind was trapped somewhere else during the duration of the coma). Is it possible for her to regain memories via external prompting, and how quickly is it likely to happen? I'm thinking it would be something similar to retrograde amnesia, but I'm not sure, it could just be classified as repression.

3. A.'s mother died when she was young (I'm thinking somewhere between the years 2000 and 2003). I'm trying to come up with a disease that isn't cancer that would kill someone quickly, or that someone could hide long enough until it resurfaced. I would like, if all possible, for the mother to remain vaguely coherent until she dies, albeit confined to a hospital bed.

(Short, relevant note: The reason I would prefer it not to be cancer is because I'm having difficulties with reading articles about cancer, due to a family member going through treatment right now.)

Thank you very much!
Tags: japan: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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