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upper class japanese names for women

Hi, I'm looking for a subtly smart-sounding Japanese name (meanings and kanji are a plus, but I basically need something that just sounds smart to the ear). Story's modern-day. My character's rich, refined, and descended from Japanese nobility (Fujiwara, if that's of any help). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been working under the assumption that upper class families would prefer the old-fashioned names instead of the trendier ones, and with google I found out that these names are the ones with the -ko ending. But I've found nothing on names preferred by the nobility - again, correct me if I'm wrong, I would think that upper class and commoners then had different naming preferences, the same way the upper class in the English-speaking world were more likely to name their kids, say, Victoria, Elizabeth or Camilla and not Molly or Henrietta. So far I'm a bit partial to Yuriko or Reiko, but I have no idea about the stereotypes associated with them, or even if they're plausible aristocratic names. Help anyone?

Edit: She's in her early twenties, by the way.
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names

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