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Male Prostitutes in Victorian England--Price

So I have this male prostitute, living in Whitechapel during the time of the Jack the Ripper murders (late 1888). He's in his mid- to late twenties, healthy, and relatively handsome. He's just spent the evening in the company of a young man from Scotland Yard, who, being inexperienced in the hiring of prostitutes, now has no idea what to pay him. Unfortunately, neither do I.

The idea is for the flustered punter to ridiculously overpay him, and for the prostitute to gently point out what the going rate is. Below the cut are a couple of questions concerning prices.

I've heard female prostitutes of the era referred to as "shilling whores." I don't know if that's just an insult, or if it's a realistic price.

Am I right in supposing that a male prostitute, considering the illegality of his encounters, would make a bit more than his female counterparts, as a sort of insurance of discretion?

Does anyone have a ballpark figure for how much he might make for an encounter? Would oral sex cost less than anal?

Googled terms: Many variations on 1880s, England, male prostitution, and price/cost/rate. I found a really informative article on male prostitution in a 1980s volume of the Journal of Homosexuality, but it didn't discuss what they might charge.

I'd be very grateful for any input. Thanks!
Tags: uk: history: victorian era, ~homosexuality: history, ~prostitution

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