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"Also, I can kill you with my brain."

bureaucratic position in faux-Victorian England

I am writing a sort of Gothic fairy tale spoof story set in a hazy version of mid to late-Victorian London. I never actually tell the reader where the story takes place and am taking many historical liberties, but I'm having trouble inventing a detail and would like to find out how this really works.

My protagonist works for the highly fictional "Ministry of Internal Activities," as clerk for the second-in-command of the Ministry. He wants to redecorate his boss's very shabby office. What would be the title of the person to whom he applied for the money to do so? Would this person work within the Ministry or for a different department? How was money dispensed to people who did Ministry shopping (I imagine it's unlikely the clerk would be the one to do the shopping himself, but I'm okay with fudging this detail)? Would they just be handed a check and asked to bring back receipts?

I Googled things like "victorian ministries," "ministry finances," "ministry treasurer," but didn't know how to narrow it down.
Tags: ~government (misc), ~victorian era

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