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When did commitment ceremonies (between two men) become popular?

I'm trying to find out when commitment ceremonies--in this case, between two men--became popular. If possible, I'd love to know when they became popular among gay men across the board, as opposed to those heavily into the gay pride movement, but I'll take what I can get. In case it matters, the setting is California (preferably LA, but I can send my characters to live in pretty much any part of CA).

"When did commitment ceremonies become popular"
"When did commitment ceremonies get popular"
"History of commitment ceremonies"
"History of" "Commitment ceremonies"
"Commitment ceremonies" "became popular"


Edited to clarify that perhaps "popular" was a poor word choice. Maybe a better way of phrasing it would be to ask "When did commitment ceremonies hit the mainstream, even in small numbers?" That is, when was it that the idea of two men--average, quietly involved, not major activists--having a commitment ceremony became understood among those in the community as an act of love and, well, commitment, rather than a joke or publicity stunt?
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