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Venezuelan (Caracas) Neighborhoods

I'm working on a story in which the MC is an European businessman working temporarily in Venezuela, primarily Caracas. I'm trying to figure out where he lives. A neighborhood where the wealthy would live, of course. I envision a  house rather than a highrise apartment. I also see something with a yard (surrounded by land) and gates. He's safety conscious (read: paranoid) so he has his own security. I also see something on or near the beach, though that's not a requirement. I've read about Altamira, but I didn't get the impression that it offered house on large lots of land. There was also Isla Margarita. It seems to have the kind of residences I'm looking for, but it seemed too far outside of Caracas to do business in the city.

 It doesn't have to be Caracas itself. I'd consider a neighboring city within realistic commuting distance. For example, Maiquetia is on the coast, but it's also home to the airport. How about La Guaira?

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I'm looking for the home of the businessman my MC is partnering with. He's local Venezuelan. Also, very wealthy, flashy even. Flaunts his wealth. I'd rather that he and the MC NOT be neighbors. So I'd need a second neighborhood.
Tags: south america (misc), ~real estate

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