Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in little_details,

Pun consultants needed!

As someone un-punnish, maybe I shouldn't be writing about punsters... but I am, and now I need help! I'm badly in need of puns for five situations. I really don't know how to research this, although I have (in my desperation) googled for "pun" combined with various of the possible key terms. Unsurprisingly, this did not meet with any success at all.

The situations in question are:

1 - A is borrowing something to wear from B, who has a lot of clothes along for a very short trip. A remarks on the amount of B's clothes, and B says something along the lines of "I like a choice. And it's lucky for you I have spare clothes." Only he manages to get a pun in there somehow.

2 - A is crashing in B's room for the second night in a row, and when he comes in B greets him by saying something like "Hi again, still have no place to sleep?" Only... with a pun.

3 - B gives A a small bag holding a gift and something A lost that B found, and says something along the lines of "here / take this".

4 - A asks B for a minute, and B says he doesn't have a minute, but half an hour (meaning that B's going to grab something to eat and A can come along; but he doesn't have time to talk if A doesn't, because he's starving and only has the half an hour).

5 - B thinks that showing A some diverting TV series will be just the thing to cheer A up and get his mind off his problems, and says something like "Come on, I know just the thing."

I would be very glad for help with any of these! And they don't have to be good puns - just any puns will do. :-)
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