Negative Nancy (scarlet_carsons) wrote in little_details,
Negative Nancy

US state National Guard organization during disasters.

Setting: 1980s.

Ok, first off - my knowledge of the US military is pretty craptastic. So, with that caveat out of the way, I must ask:

How would the National Guard organise their response during an ongoing disaster which is taking place over a large urban area? (I guess that Katrina would be one of the most obvious RL examples.)

If they're there to support law enforcement, then would units be assigned to specific police precincts?

For general disaster recovery, would units be allocated by neighbourhood or borough?

Articles read:

I've searched for 'national guard katrina,' 'national guard organisation,' 'national guard disaster relief,' and 'national guard law enforcement.'
Tags: 1980-1989, usa: military (misc), ~catastrophes, ~military (misc)

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