preparing for when the velociraptors come (calicokat) wrote in little_details,
preparing for when the velociraptors come

Drinking among Russian youth...

There's a lot on the internet about Russians and drinking, but I haven't really found quite the information I'm looking for. There's articles about drinking and toasting and drinking and zakuskis, etc., but...

I'm wondering what Russian youth drink when they drink at parties and if there's any particular drinking customs. Do they tend to shoot vodka? Drink beer? Do they toast? That seems like a lot of effort for teenagers who are looking to get plastered. Do they still typically eat while drinking during parties?

I mean, I'm making an assumption here that like teenagers the world over Russian teenagers like to get together and drink, legality be damned (which seems like a safe assumption).

Any information (or personal experience) would be appreciated. :)
Tags: russia (misc), ~booze
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