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Drug to cause dizziness, inability to concentrate, and nausea


I seem to have written myself into a corner, and now I need to find a drug to fit this situation. The character in my fanfic has a canon-documented ability to either stop her own heart, or at least slow it down enough to cause a heart monitor to flat-line. It's assumed that she does this through some form of meditation. She's been captured, and her captors are trying to prevent her from killing herself before they can get the information they need out of her (she's more than willing to do, as they plan on killing her anyway). They worry that she'll manage to stop her own heart and kill herself--something she's threatened when under torture in the past in canon. So... drugs.

The drug would have to (a) cause a complete inability to focus or concentrate, (b) cause memory problems while on the drug such as trouble remembering names or facts, (c) cause intense dizziness/vertigo and/or nausea and vomiting, (d) not be addictive, and (e) not be fatal in regular doses.

The people torturing her work for a top-level secret government agency, and their resources are basically limitless, so just about anything would work as long as it's not fatal.

If such a drug exists, what other side-effects would it cause? How long would it take to wear off, and what would the effect of the drug being given to her long term be? Could she feasibly build up a tolerance for the drug? How quickly would the drug take effect?

Any help you folks could offer would be greatly appreciated! :)

*Already Googled: drug-induced disorientation, disorienting drug, hallucinogenics, mind-control drugs, drug side-effect dizziness, drug side-effect concentration

Edit: Thanks, everyone! I think I found the perfect one using some of the links below. :) I appreciate your help!!! :D
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