anorangecrush (aorangecrush) wrote in little_details,

Throat injuries resulting in muteness

Setting: Present
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My main character is mute.

His muteness has to be the result of an physical injury(the more pain the better; bonus points if it causes mental trauma as well) but I'm not quit sure how to injure him. The injury has to be serious enough to cause permanent damage (muteness) but not so serious that he'd die from it if he received very little to no medical care. Someone recommended having him force-fed lye or lye soap but would that work? Could he survive that with little or no medical care? What other damage would that cause (to his taste buds, teeth, stomach etc.)?

What other injuries could cause permanent muteness or damage the vocal cords to the point where he could maybe make sound but not be able to speak in any comprehensible way?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~mute/unable to talk
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