Master of the Blaster (kanedax) wrote in little_details,
Master of the Blaster

RAF Breakdown & Bridge Engineering

Hey, I'm new to this community.  I love it!  But I do have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to while going through the tags.

First off, I'm trying to find a way to calculate load capacity on a bridge.  Specifically, how much weight the Tower Bridge in London could take before it collapses.  Giant monster attacking London, I'm trying to figure out if it would have to take a few swings at the bridge before it collapsed or if simply standing on it would be enough to take it down.

Also, as giant monster is attacking London, I'll be scrambling the RAF.  Is Air Force radio code in England the same as in the US (roger, copy, etc)? 

And what would be the pilot breakdown of a particular flight?  Say you have six fighters in a flight.  One would be the Squadron Leader, but what would be the typical ratio of Flight Lieutenants vs. Flying Officers for the others?
Tags: uk: military (misc), ~aviation, ~science: physics
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