Bier de Stone ( wrote in little_details,
Bier de Stone

Kanji tattoos

I'm writing in screenplay format and have scenes containing music, specifically heavy metal. I've been devoting time to listening to various bands and one of the bands I like, SLAYER, has me in a quandary. Did you know Tom Araya has a Kanji tattoo?

Yes, it would be great to have a movie accredited to me with music from the band SLAYER, but for now I'm just doing background research on the band members, and because tattoos say a lot about a person, I have uploaded a copy of Tom's Kanji tattoo kanji If anybody would like to help me translate it, you would be doing me a world of good by opening doors to characterization that I may never have imagined possible. I'm new to the community BTW and I look forward to getting better at screenwriting by seeking feedback from the members of little_details

Tags: ~body modification: tattoos, ~languages: japanese

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