Shelley (argosy) wrote in little_details,

Killer Art/ Deaths of Artists

I'm looking for two things:

1. True, historical, or legendary stories of people being killed by art. I'm mostly being very literal here--paintings or sculptures falling on people and so on, poisoned paint--but if you know a story of a painting causing a riot or so on, or a famous painting being cursed, I'd like to hear that too.

So far I know of Christo's Umbrella's killing a woman in California, Luis Jiminez dying when a piece of sculpture fell on him, and two recent deaths by inflatable sculpture in the UK.

I don't mind if these stories are completely apocryphal, and if the art is famous so much the better. If the story doesn't end in death but only injury, near-death, or near-injury, that's okay too.

2. Unusual deaths or murders of famous artists. Again, legendary or apocryphal stories are completely acceptable.


Search terms tried: death by sculpture, death by painting, killer art, unusual death artists

ETA: Thank you so much to everyone who's offered an idea or a comment. I'm not able to thank everyone personally at the moment, but I appreciate your help!

Also, to clarify, "true" stories with murky provenance (or myths or legends) are fine for my purpose, but pure fiction isn't. And I should have specified, but I'm looking for visual art, not performing art or literature, so no music or theater--though those anecdotes may prove to be useful for others! Thanks again.
Tags: ~arts: visual arts

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