catwoman (missblackheart7) wrote in little_details,

A place for a gunshot wound that wouldn't make the victim bleed too much

Characters A and B are chasing after character C. Character A has a gun. They were planning to kill character C later on anyway, so character A naturally thinks of shooting him, since it's the only way of stopping him. It's completely irrelevant how serious the injury is, as long as it stops him from running.
However, they need character C for his blood and every amount that is spilled counts, so character A--who would know this sort of thing--decides to shoot him somewhere that would make him lose the least blood possible in this situation (and still permanently stop him from running, so arms are out of the question).

I was thinking of legs, but I thought that it would be somewhere in the upper leg, because as good as A's aim is, he wouldn't be able to aim for C's ankle while C is running, and he hasn't got too much bullets, either.

Am I completely wrong on this? Is there a place that would bleed less? (please note that character C has his back turned to A and B) And how much would he bleed, anyway?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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