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Can a decent snowfall put out a forest fire?

I need to put out a forest fire with snow, however, I am coming up pretty short with the googlefu/EBSCOfu when it comes to finding historical examples of this happening. I've found 2 news stories reporting a snowfall aiding forest fighters, one from 1889 and the other from 1992, but I'm coming up short on details of amount of snowfall, extent of the fire, that sort of thing.

I'm going to have some people needing to get out of this snowfall on horseback/carriage, so I can't have an absolute blizzard to put out the fire without turning it into the Donner Party.

To what extent do you think a small-sized forest fire could be lessened or ended by 2-3 days worth of moderate snowfall?

Search terms used: forest fire, snow, wildfire, blizzard (in varying combinations)
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~firefighting, ~fires

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