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Time Period: 1996-Present (a little future)
Location: Boston, MA

My MC is in a car accident when she is eleven and loses her right leg below the knee. I think I have the medical stuff down, but I need details about what her day-to-day life and problems might be right after the surgery and beyond. She's not particularly athletic or willing to push herself to the max. Much more likely to stay home from school when it may interfere with her daily life and such. I just need details as to how it would affect her routine, what possible complications might be and just what it's like living with a prosthetic. I have googled but I kind of want personal experience if anyone can help.

I've got her still having difficulty with the prosthesis until at least that Christmas, and with pretty heavy mood swings over the summer (doesn't help that her parents are divorcing) What are some details that I need to know about the period immediately after the amputation and beyond? I've got her using a mix of crutches and occasional wheelchair before the prosthesis is fitted correctly, is this accurate?

My next main focus on her in the time-frame is when she is seventeen, She's having difficulty at a high school where everyone knows her story, and ends up touring for the summer with her cousin, a musician. She has at least one accident where the stump is injured and she has to use a wheelchair, which humiliates her (character development, rah). is this feasible? If not, I'd imagine there would be edema occasionally leading to a day w/o the prosthesis, yes?

What other complications might she have to deal with as a growing girl with a prosthesis. Refittings often, I'd imagine. What are the medical costs involved?

Tags: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, ~medicine: prosthetics

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